Questions That Should Be Asked But Probably Won’t

  • One must flee?
    Anyone must flee because they feel — for any number of reasons — that their life is, on balance, rubbish. Although there may be metaphysical arguments against it, fleeing Earth in an impossible society makes perfect practical sense — it would take a more optimistic person than me to continue living in a world of limited options, repression and drudgery that is modern Earth. I’ve yet to understand any argument pro-life as it is, to be honest
  • Why did you even write the book?
    In 2010 I was so depressed I could do nothing else that didn’t involve being indoors. Masturbating for that long shouldn’t but is morally frowned upon and obviously clinically unacceptable.
  • Why a polemic though?
    People often don’t speak the truth unless they are really, really angry so I wanted people a tad angry to attempt to look inward and respond to these realities effectively.
  • Are you really dying of cancer?
    I have a forehead lipoma but merely referring to it as a lipoma wasn’t adequately dramatic so implying that it was something as worse as a lymphoma felt necessary.
  • Did you really menstruate for that long?
    Yes. And the fact that I still do is a source of lasting pain outside of the super hangover I now get approaching 40.
  • How long will it take to read One Must Flee?
    A long time (A weekend — I reckon a whole weekend is a long time to read anything).
  • How should the book be approached?
    With a huge chillout attitude. Often, the first thing you’ll think I’m saying — I’m not. This is not a prescription book on what must be realistically done, but instead a coercion into your own thoughts about such momentous issues.
  • Will One Must Flee be available in bookshops?
    It is unlikely for Swaziland. It would be hugely expensive on the reader, which I’m completely against. Nobody should have to spend in a book more than they could drink in one sitting.
  • Are you planning to write any other books?
    I’m working on a YA novel (based on a true story) to come out end of 2021.
  • Who is Singlelilly?
    I was named Singilili by one of the people who attended my naming ceremony back in the early 80s. I saw Singlelilly in a letter that my aunt wrote to me when was eight and thought it looked exciting. That’s why I don’t mind that it’s often mispronounced.
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