New suicide memoir could save lives!

One Must Flee is a new memoir and rant by polemic columnist Singlelilly Ndwandwe. At a time when suicide and it’s terrible consequences are highlighted daily in the media, One Must Flee is a memoir that shows young people not to give up while ranting steadfastly to the government to take proper and lasting solutions to the leaks in the system.

Singlelilly is riddled by a weird illness and attempts suicide at 18 for the first time, leading her into a journey of depression and psychiatric hospitalizations that spans the subsequent 18 years of her life. Even though she’s now 36, and teaches English, Literature and Geography at Madzanga High School, she says this book is necessary to bridge the gap between first-hand mental health perspective – which influences awareness – and unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing humanity’s progress. Eswatini, according to WHO, is currently in the top five in the world in suicide statistics.

One Must Flee is self published by the author and is now available as Paperback online at for E300 (including handling and postage). If you’d like more information on One Must Flee, or to schedule an interview with Singlelilly, please contact her at or contact the reliable number provided on the website contact page.

Taking Liberties Free eBook by Singlelilly Ndwandwe

The follow-up to Singlelilly Ndwandwe’s breakout hit, One Must Flee — is a witty
collection of widely-read columns, available to newer readers for the first time ever.

Taking Liberties is a selection of some of her favourite column articles first published in The Times of Swaziland and her best bites of a satirical News Watch column which ran in The Swazi Observer.