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About Singlelilly Ndwandwe

I was named Singilili by one of the people who attended my naming ceremony back in the early 80s. I saw Singlelilly in a letter that my aunt wrote to me when I was eight and thought it looked exciting. That’s why I don’t mind that it’s often mispronounced.

Single Lilly Ndwandwe author of One Must Flee

Single Lilly

Author | Polemicist | Non-Conformist

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Singlelilly menstruated non-stop for two years at university, so she bunked most lectures and buried herself in reading and writing. Following this fantastic start, she went on to be extensively published as a columnist for both leading newspapers in Swaziland. Singlelilly lives in Progressive Melancholia with her girlfriend and forehead lymphoma where she’s urgently processing her Martian citizenship. She would like to be remembered as ‘a terribly reluctant Earthnitarian’.

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Taking Liberties Free eBook by Singlelilly Ndwandwe

The follow-up to Singlelilly Ndwandwe’s breakout hit, One Must Flee — is a witty
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Taking Liberties is a selection of some of her favourite column articles first published in The Times of Swaziland and her best bites of a satirical News Watch column which ran in The Swazi Observer.